I Got a New Job!

Yes, I recognize there is a very good chance that I blew you away with the title of this post, and I assure you it’s not a joke.  I really did get a new job, and I’m super excited about it!  So, before I get into the WHY, let me tell you about the WHAT.

I recently signed a contract to teach at Yealey Elementary School in the Boone County School District here in Kentucky.  My job title will be RTI Math and Blended Learning Teacher.  As the title suggests, I’ll be helping with math instruction, and that’s where the RTI part comes in.  (If you’re new to response to instruction, you can take a moment to read this article here.) However, the bulk of my job will be blended learning.  Boone County is rolling out a 1:1 Chromebook initiative for third through eighth graders, and I will be on the front lines helping teachers navigate those waters.  Whether it’s helping them understand best practices for Google Classroom, finding websites to help engage students, or co-teaching classes to help integrate technology, my job will be to help teachers help the students use the tech at their fingertips the best way!  If you know me well, you know this has been a passion of mine for a number of years.  I cannot wait to get started in this new endeavor! (When I re-read this paragraph, I realized that I went into techie lingo. A Chromebook is a laptop with a small hard drive because all work is done online. No longer do we need to save our documents on a hard drive. We can create it, save it, and share it all online — the Cloud.  Google is one of the major players in this field and has an app called Google Classroom to help teachers and schools utilize their tools.  Now, back to the post…)

Now, I know what you’re thinking… What about MVCA? I thought you were happy there?

The short answer is I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT MVCA! I spent five years teaching there, and I loved (just about) every minute of it! I had awesome colleagues and enjoyed many excellent students and families.  I will miss them very much. I loved WHAT I did as well.  Teaching computers and helping teachers use iPads and other tech tools has been a blessing! I  would not trade these past five years for anything.

**Disclaimer: Mushy talk to MVCA people coming up. Skip the next paragraph if you don’t like mushy.**

To my MVCA friends:  Thank you for accepting me into the family with open arms. You saw me at my worst and you helped me achieve my best.  You gave me room to grow professionally and you put up with my constant nagging to drag you into edtech worlds with me.  You are doing incredible work there.  Students are learning their 3 Rs, but they are learning about Jesus and how to love His world.  Please find me each spring for a Servathon pledge, because I love what you are doing!  Thank you for five great years! I will truly miss you!

**Mushiness over.**

I spent this past school year in a bit of a funk.  As much as I love MVCA and all it stands for, I felt like there was something else I was called to do.  Against my will, I applied for a job at Show Hope in Tennessee because I couldn’t ignore a position that was right up my alley.  I didn’t get the job, but that opened up my heart just the crack necessary to realize that God was going to move me elsewhere. I didn’t say anything at the end of the school year because I didn’t know WHEN He was going to move me, and I wasn’t very confident it would be so soon.

I had four interviews over the summer, and I felt that I did well in each one.  But, none of them felt like THE one… till the Yealey interview.  I sat down in a room crowded with about eight other people and immediately felt comfortable.  The questions and answered flowed.  I was comfortable saying, “I don’t know” when appropriate and I was able to figure out who the techie person was in the room and talk shop with her.  I even had a friend from my former church sitting right next to me.  It was obvious that this was the place God had for me.

So, that’s my story.  I hate to leave MVCA.  Celeste and some close friends can tell you how much I’ve agonized over that part.  But I am so very excited to see what God is going to do in this next part of the journey.  Thank you for being excited with us!




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